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Our Glass Display Cases
come with  your choice of custom bases
All of our Glass and Acrylic Display Cases are available in custom sizes.

We feature the webs widest variety of Displays for your Baseball - Football - Full Size & Mini Helmet - Hockey Puck & Stick, Basketball, Beanie Baby, Diecast Car, Doll and more. We specialize in Custom Display Cases.
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Etched Glass display case designed to hold 1 regular or long neck size bottle of soda or beer.
Case features optically clear, richly beveled UV protected glass with a wood base and cherry or black finish.
The floor is also mirrored so you can see the entire bottle. Comes with 1 free nameplate.
Inside dimensions 3 1/4 x 3 1/4 x 10".

The text that you type into the engraving fields will be laser etched directly onto
the glass. The location of the etching will be centered on the lower part of the front panel.
If you would like the etching to be in a different location, or if you would like additional
panels etched or a traditional engraved nameplate - plaque, please call or email us.

We are the only display case company that doesn't limit the amount of text you can have on your free nameplate - plaque.
Just tell us what you want engraved and as long as it fits, we will make it for you. Five lines or more of engraved text on a
plate from a trophy shop could cost more than the display case itself. With us, its FREE!!!

We now offer Point of Purchase , POP store fixtures and display cabinets thru our commercial division. Our more than 20 years of fabrication experience, makes us the #1 choice for all your commercial display needs, including Store Fixture, Visual Communications & Commercial Casework. We ARE the manufacturer, so you save money by dealing direct.
for more info.

*Free nameplates include up to 3 lines of text on most case and up to 4 lines of text on certain cases. We try not to limit you on the # of character per line, but  most cases can only hold a plate that can take approx 30-40 characters per line. If the text that you request is too many characters for that particular case, we will let you know, otherwise we will simply use a larger plate.  If you need more lines of text than are offered on the item page, please call us and we will be happy to make you a custom size nameplate. An additional charge may apply. Due to the size of the cases, nameplates may not be included with some very small cases. Some cases only come with 1 nameplate due to the layout of the case. See individual items for additional info and/or restrictions. An additional fee may apply for custom fonts and special characters/symbols.
**Does not apply to golf ball display cases.

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